CRLAF provides community outreach and education, public policy advocacy, litigation support, and technical and legal assistance for California’s rural poor.  We target our work in the areas of agricultural workers’ health, civil rights, education, labor & employment, immigration & citizenship, pesticides & worker safety, rural housing and sustainable communities.

For more than 30 years, we have worked with California’s  farm workers, migrant workers and the rural poor to protect workers’ rights and health, improve children’s access to quality schooling and higher education, raise the voices of disenfranchised Californians in low-income and marginalized communities, and provide essential legal services.

CRLAF Projects and Priority Areas

Housing Project
Labor and Employment Law Project
Labor and Civil Rights Litigation
Immigration and Citizenship
Education Equity
Border and Human Rights Project
Pesticide and Work Safety
Sustainable Rural Communities
Legal Services Support

Special Projects

Senior Farm Workers (CALAWI)