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Reunite Families Now! Families belong together in communities where they can thrive, not separated from each other, not locked up in cages.
Reunited families hugging

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559* children remain separated from their parents. *(8/10/18)

Hundreds of children remain in detention. Hundreds of parents remain unrepresented. 


Many parents are signing documents they do not fully understand, including parents “declining” reunification with their children. Access to experienced immigration lawyers is critical.

Families seeking asylum have come from war torn countries. They have traveled thousands of miles in hopes of finding a better life for their children.

In 2018, our team of Spanish speaking immigration attorneys went to Karnes City, TX to reunite families and fight to protect the human rights of all detained migrants.


Immigrants must be given equal opportunity and rights, no matter their race, religion, or country of origin.




There are concrete and direct ways in which we can all fight back against these unjust attacks on immigrants and make a difference here in our own region. Sometimes, the most important acts of resistance are the small ones. 


  • If you are on a train, bus, or anywhere else and ICE or Customs and Border Patrol boards, you need to stand up and loudly let everyone know that they have the right to remain silent, regardless of their immigration status. This can save lives and keep families together.


  • Another act of resistance can be done with the language that we use. No human being is illegal. I repeat – no human being is illegal. The language used to describe those who are undocumented has criminalized immigrants. It’s time to change the conversation. Let’s celebrate immigrants’ beauty, pride and resilience in the face of inequality and injustice.


  • Everyone eligible to vote should register to vote and turnout in November.


  • Our elected representatives work for us. Their policies should reflect our values. If you text “resist” to 50409, resist bot will help you send letters to your elected representatives. You simply type in what you want to say and they will send a fax or letter to your representative. The initial set up takes three minutes and then sending future letters takes less than a minute. It is a perfect solution for those of us who want to be involved but have limited time!


  • Get educated on what’s going on in immigrant communities and once you know, tell others. This administration is counting on us not paying attention.


  • Give to local legal aid organizations like California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation – the organizations on the ground that represent immigrants.

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