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Pathways to Citizenship + Family Unity

CRLAF's Citizenship + Immigrant Project provides informational services, high quality legal assistance, advocacy support, and community capacity building to provide immigrants the opportunity to be a part of the decision making process that affects their families and community. We serve some of the most marginalized communities throughout rural California. 


This project focuses on outreach and provides information on constitutional rights, family emergency planning, protection from immigration fraud, the naturalization process, the immigration consequences of criminal convictions, and immigration relief and benefits. Attorneys provide training to community advocates on immigration and naturalization law and provide direct assistance to immigrant communities with applying for citizenship, VAWA, T visas, U visas, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), family based immigration relief, and relief for unaccompanied minors (asylum and SIJS).




Since 1993, in collaboration with our partner organizations, CRLAF has provided information on the naturalization process and changes in welfare and immigration laws to more than 38,000 immigrants, trained close to 2400 community volunteers, assisted approximately 33,060 lawful permanent residents with completing the naturalization application, tested 18,265 applicants on citizenship skills, performed 3306 mock naturalization interviews, conducted 1984 follow up interviews for applicants with complicated naturalization cases and represented 993 applicants in their naturalization interviews in the Central Valley.

Since 2012, CRLAF has conducted outreach on DACA. In collaboration with our partners, we have been able to provide informational services on DACA, VAWA, and U Visas to more than 5,000 immigrants and have assisted more than 350 childhood arrivals to apply for DACA.

CRLAF began the Undocumented Unaccompanied Minors Project in 2013 where we assist with applications for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status, Asylum, and other forms of immigration relief. Beginning in 2018, CRLAF is proud to offer more robust removal defense services throughout the Central Valley and Northern California.


Click here for more information about CRLAF's Removal Defense Representation.


To reach the Citizenship + Immigration Project, please call and leave a voicemail on our message line (916) 446-7901.

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