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Providing Technical Assistance to One California Contractors and Subcontractors and to IOLTA QLSPs

Free Technical Support to
One California Contractors and Subcontractors 

CRLAF provides in-person trainings, webinars, and practice advisories on various immigration law topics, including Naturalization, DACA & advance parole, family based visas, VAWA, U Visa, SIJS, and asylum. Additionally, CRLAF provides case-specific consultations and technical assistance in any of these areas. One California contractors and subcontractors seeking case-specific consultations or technical assistance are encouraged to email CRLAF at

Free Technical Support to
Qualified Legal Service Programs 

As a California IOLTA-funded Support Center, CRLAF provides free technical assistance to IOLTA-funded QLSPs.

Our primary focus is on rural poor issues with substantive expertise in the areas of civil and human rights, family-based immigration, VAWA, U visas, T visas, naturalization, education, labor and employment, agricultural workers health, rural housing, pesticides and worker safety.


CRLA Foundation provides a broad range of services to legal service programs and their clients including:


  • Consultation on individual cases, including legal analysis, strategy development, and other related technical assistance and advocacy support

  • Representation of legal service clients referred by qualified legal service projects, co-counseling of wage and hour violation and language  access cases, and litigation assistance

  • Training to qualified legal service advocates on topics relating to the civil rights of immigrants and the rural poor populations in California. Training seminars on labor and employment,  immigration and naturalization, education and parental rights, and agricultural workers health issues are provided at task force meetings, community informational forums, and staff  conferences

  • Publications: Know Your Rights pamphlets in English and Spanish on Immigration and the Constitutional Rights of Immigrants, AB 540 and College Access for Immigrant Youth, Pesticides, Workers' Rights, a Best Practices Manual on Dealing with Harassment in the Workplace and Immigrant Eligibility for Affordable Care Act benefits with new flowcharts!


CRLAF also has a housing newsletter and various reports on pesticides, labor, and employment.

Please visit our other website pages and call for more information.

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