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CRLAF's AB 636

Protect Immigrants from Immigration Scams #AB638

All too often we hear about immigrant and mixed status families being taken advantage of -- paying thousands of dollars to unscrupulous individuals that make promises they cannot keep and engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

In an effort to stop these abuses, CRLAF, one of the few legal services organizations providing free legal services in rural California, is co-sponsoring AB 638 (Caballero).

“This bill would require that all persons engaged in providing advice, counsel, and direct representation have the training and accountability to ensure that rural immigrants receive high quality immigration legal assistance and are not put at risk of removal from the United States and being separated from their families,” said Amagda Perez, Executive Director of California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation.

AB 638 is sponsored by the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights, Central American Resource Center, and California Rural Legal Assistance Foundation.

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