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CRLAF's AB 636

Win! Another Step Closer to Stopping Sexual Harassment Training Violations by Farm Labor Contractors

After receiving testimony about widespread sexual harassment and the failure by Farm Labor Contractors (FLC) to comply with mandatory farm worker training obligations, the Assembly Judiciary Committee passed stronger public and private remedies against violations by labor contractors. Mark Schacht, CRLAF's Deputy Director, testified in support of SB 295 (Monning), a CRLAF sponsored bill. (Click on picture above to view testimony)

‘Rape In the Fields’, a production of NPR/Frontline/Center for Investigative Reporting,

brought the national spotlight on the pervasive culture of harassment and sexual assault of

farm worker women. CRLAF continues the fight to protect against this horrific workplace

abuse in the courts and State Capitol.

SB 295 (Monning), which also brings greater transparency to the sexual harassment

prevention training required to be provided by FLCs under CRLAF-sponsored SB 1087 (2014),

is supported a broad coalition of labor, civil rights and women’s rights organizations.

Read more about the evolution of SB 295 and CRLAF's letters in support of the bill here.

Pictured above: Senator Bill Monning. Also appearing in video is Estela Cisneros of CRLA Inc, and Mark Schacht, CRLAF's Deputy Director.

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