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Stockton lawyer pleads guilty to conning immigrants out of more than $370,000

Brooks, of Manteca, operated in Stockton from 2003 to 2017, targeting immigrant clients from places such as Latin America and India. Charging them between $3,000 and $16,000, “she repeatedly misled victims about the status of their cases and lied about paperwork she had submitted while continuing to collect their money,” the attorney’s general office said in a statement. “Some victims who trusted her with every last dollar were detained and deported.”

"While we will never know how many families were harmed by Brooks' crimes, CRLA Foundation is happy to know that she can no longer continue defrauding and destroying California families. We are committed to serving those victims who are eligible for immigration relief and remain dedicated to providing free, credible, immigration legal services to rural Californians."

- Bianca Duenas, Esq., CRLAF Attorney

Read the complete article here:

The AG’s office asks any immigrants who feel they have been defrauded to call the state’s Public Inquiry Unit at 800-952-5225 or submit a complaint at

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