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CRLAF's AB 636

Let There Be More Light at Night

"It is very important for us farmworkers that you listen to us and pass better laws for the protection of workers who work at night, we need more lighting. Let there be more light at night." - Jorge Martinez, Farmworker

CRLA Foundation led advocacy for a new regulation specifying lighting requirements for night-time agricultural work. Adequate lighting in night agricultural work is crucial for preventing injuries from collisions, slips, falls, cuts and bites as well as reducing eye strain and fatigue and workplace violence risks.

This regulation, adopted in February 2020, specifies minimum lighting levels, for work and rest areas, pathways to restrooms and inside restrooms, requires safety meetings at the beginning of each shift to orient to work at night and provision of high visibility safety garments to workers.

Thank you to everyone that helped to make this work possible!

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